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How Social Soup can help you

Over Christmas and New Year is a perfect time to conduct a product trial for FMCG brands with people getting together and socialising more, there's a real opportunity to reach a lot of people via their networks. It is also the perfect time to create new routines with your product as people are more open to trying something new.

Sampling with Social Soup's tech powered direct to aisle approach allows your campaign to start straight away and you'll see results coming through within days. Our community will post influential social media content, opinions & reviews and word of mouth within days of trial. We guarantee impact!

Direct to aisle

Using the Social Soup app, we are able to drive targeted consumers into store where they will redeem an e-voucher for a specific product. This process facilitates an authentic experience with which consumers are familiar and can easily replicate during their next shopping trip.

One of the key benefit of implementing a direct to aisle sampling campaign via e-voucher redemption is that the money goes straight back to the bottom line of your business.


All results are tracked through the Social Soup App and appear in our live dashboard. You see feedback, social content and reviews coming through in real-time and can track results fast.

Your dashboard is built bespoke for your brand and all content is downloadable and free for you to use on your own social and digital channels.

Tip Top Sandwich Thins Case Study

The challenge when you develop a new product, and indeed a new category, is trial. When Tip Top developed Sandwich Thins, they needed to get them into the hands if people searching for a twist on the classic sandwich or wrap.

 Social Soup recruited 20,000 people to sample the product and 20 highly targeted micro influencers to create content. Using the innovative Social Soup App influencers were able to pick-up the product in store, scan the bar code and have a voucher delivered in real-time allowing for scaled sampling with a real in store experience.

The campaign drove 236% sales uplift among the trial group during the post-campaign period. This was measured using Quantium through matching trial participants with actual spend levels during and after the trial period against a control group of match behaviour.

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