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BC:AC World is a joint venture between two of Australia’s leading independent marketing services agencies.

Pollinate is an independent Australian research consultancy that applies systems thinking to develop transformational strategies out of complexity. Since 2004 Pollinate has helped to develop marketing, communications, innovations and policy guidance for commercial clients and the wider government and for purpose sector.

Australia’s leading influence agency Social Soup connects brands with their community of hundreds of thousands of influencers to create direct engagement, advocacy and enduring relationships. Social Soup uses the latest technology to provide research, reviews, and content for brands to increase the impact of their marketing.


Every week we speak to 1,000 households from the Social Soup community to understand what is going on right now across Australia and what this means for brands and businesses, organisations and government.

The survey includes ongoing questions that take the weekly ‘pulse’ of the nation as well as a different in-depth exploration of a specific theme. Our multidisciplinary team of analysts and strategists will review responses to these questions to develop insights and implications that will be shared in our weekly report.

Some clients also request questions to be added, specific themes to investigate in a deep-dive or extra analysis of our data and insights, feel free to contact us directly with your enquiries and we are happy to help.

"Having read and watched so much info in regards to COVID-19, it was lovely to see two people present together in the same room, and provide some real insights."

Nick Behr, CEO, Kaimera Agency


Howard Parry-Husbands, CEO and founder of Pollinate.

Sharyn Smith, CEO and founder of Social Soup.


Key Findings

The emotional crash and the catastrophe facing young Australians

  • Social distancing defines the zeitgeist: Apart, afraid, selfish, shocked & masked
  • Hope has collapsed, fear is high and we are more disconnected than ever.
  • And our youth are most despairing, least hopeful and most disconnected

We don’t want to go back: We want to Build Back Better.

  • We no longer feel like we have it under control and we want to build back better NOT go back.
  • Australians are all in this together but don’t see big business or government as working with us: they are working for themselves
  • And there is an opportunity in the crisis to invest in youth, new skills and training but we need a new vision for a better Australia.

Why brands and organisations need to pave the way in the new world

  • Brands and organisations need to stay close to their customers and adapt to improve
  • Innovation will be key for the future aligned with needs
  • We have a NEED for a meaningful life post COVID 19 and brand must help us meet this need.

1 in 3

think the government is motivated to do what is best for them, not the people


believe Australia does not have COVID-19 under control


agree COVID-19 will impact the economy

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