Unilever – OMO


Unilever - OMO

Campaign objective

Unilever needed to drive mass awareness of their new product offerings to a targeted audience, in a cluttered market, with the aim of switching other brand loyalists to the OMO Dual Capsules and OMO Eco Active laundry detergents.

Our approach

Trial and education of difference play huge factors in creating switching behaviour, especially in a cluttered market. To rise to this challenge, Social Soup recruited 200 micro influencers with the task of creating high quality, authentic content that spoke to the key messages and showcased the point of difference of OMO’s new product offerings. The micro influencers generated mass reach and awareness for the products, advocating for the ease, convenience, performance and eco credentials of OMO’s new products.

At the same time, Social Soup engaged another 950 people in order to drive mass trial of the new products, getting product into the hands of their targeted consumers, as well as using the genuine consumer feedback and reviews as vital sources of insight into what consumers are really looking for in laundry products.




Social posts


Unique reach




Engagement rate




  • Purchase intent – 81%
  • Suite of high quality user generated content that speaks to the key messages

OMO used the UGC for their OOH campaign and had us create a Testimonial Video featuring Influencers on the campaign that is housed on their YouTube channel with over 1 million views to date!