TIP TOP Sandwich Thins


TIP TOP Sandwich Thins

Campaign objective

The challenge when you develop a new product, and indeed a new category, is trial. When Tip Top developed Sandwich Thins, they needed to get them into the hands if people searching for a twist on the classic sandwich or wrap. The challenge for Tip Top was to be able to sample the product at scale, but then leverage the good experience with the product with their social networks with engaging content.

Our approach

Marrying a mass sampling campaign with quality, sharable user-generated content requires a unique blend of smart tech and even smarter humans. Social Soup recruited 20,000 people to sample the product and 20 highly targeted micro influencers to create content. Using the innovative Social Soup App influencers were able to pick-up the product in store, scan the bar code and have a voucher delivered in real-time allowing for scaled sampling with a real in store experience.




Social posts




Engagement rate


Sales uplift


Real world reviews


Influencers incorporated Tip Top Sandwich Thins into their routine posting content showing them being used in breakfast, lunch, dinner and as snacks. The campaign fostered positive conversation between influencers and their followers about Tip Top Sandwich Thins, creating excitement and interest, educating followers on the range and ultimately driving them to try it in-store.

  • The campaign drove 236% sales uplift among the trial group during the post-campaign period. This was measured using Quantium through matching trial participants with actual spend levels during and after the trial period against a control group of match behaviour.
  • The campaign delivered 18,587 social post using #Tiptopthins, 163,604 real world engagements (likes and comments) on the content delivering an engagement rate of 4.6% - higher than Social Soup’s average of 2.9% reflecting influencer content creating authentic connections with followers.
  • The campaign delivered a reach of 5 million impressions across facebook and instagram measured through live content dashboards.