Campaign Objectives

Following successful campaigns for S-26 and other brands within their portfolio, Aspen approached Social Soup to build a strategy to effectively communicate a relaunch of S-26 GOLD TODDLER, introducing their most advanced formula, developed on the 4 key pillars of  the Alula Platinum Care Complex, to new and existing consumers. In a highly saturated and competitive market, the relaunch provided a unique opportunity to position S-26 GOLD TODDLER as the market leader in toddler milk, building on an established trust in the brand and growing a new customer base through trial and conversion.

Our approach

Social Soup developed a two tiered strategy to 1) Create mass awareness of the change, momentum, trial and interest and 2) Manage the relaunch.

This Influencer campaign worked to create an authentic groundswell of positive conversations and trial with mums pre, during and post key launch dates, as well as provide high quality content to achieve reach and impact. Influencers are the most credible source within their networks and were given an educated message to spread.

  • Widespread trial and real consumer experience and advocacy
  • Quantium partnership inclusion to prove sales results
  • Ensure ongoing attention and momentum for the brand
  • Social influencers engaged to generate high quality IGC that can be amplified across all channels




Unique reach




Engagement rate


Positive Sentiment


Three tiers of influence were activated for the S-26 GOLD TODDLER campaign: social influencers, peer-to-peer and sampling. The campaign has delivered over 2.6M in reach, with high positive sentiment and reviews around the new advanced formula. Extended trial was achieved through providing additional samples to share across all tiers

  • 75% of Soupers report S-26 GOLD TODDLER as being better than other toddler milk brands
  • Quantium results report an uplift of 147% in sales, purchasing 142% more units than the control group, and a 218% uplift in customers