Department of Health – Influenza Vaccination


Department of Health - Influenza Vaccination

Campaign objective

To generate awareness and education for Flu vaccinations across pregnant women within peer to peer groups and across social networks. Harness positive advocacy and discussions across a group of expectant mums, to promote their experiences. To capture advocacy and testimonials to amplify through paid media.

Our approach

  • Social Soup developed an information booklet about Flu vaccination during pregnancy
  • Activated catch-up with mums. Encouraged mums to talk to other mums about the flu shot
  • Share photo content on Instagram promoting flu vaccination messaging using campaign hashtag #PregnantFluShot
  • Social Soup developed a closed Facebook group to increase engagement and promote a supported community to answer any questions
  • Prompt expecting mums to get the flu shot if they hadn’t already






Total posts


Unique reach




Engagement rate


  • Positive group – right people screened into the project with the right attitude and targeting
  • Education journey – fine balance for the conversation and could find all the information in the right place
  • Support group – visibility of positive conversation through Facebook group and Instagram posts providing social proof
  • Department of Health Involvement – the right involvement facilitated and built trust
  • 96% are likely/already have referred other pregnant women to consult with their healthcare professional on getting the flu shot.