Church & Dwight Partnership


Church & Dwight Partnership

Curash Baby Care


Having worked with Church & Dwight for a few years across single minded product based campaign, our goal was to evolve and align all of Church & Dwight’s key bands under the umbrella of a strong, compelling influencer strategy. Our key objectives included building from the learnings of previous campaigns to deliver:

  • Brand awareness
    Build and drive greater awareness in specific target audiences of the brands, its products and new releases.
  • Strengthen online presence & amplification
    Strengthen the social representation of key brands online by investing a smart paid strategy; build on community insight and connections, amplified relatable UGC and own each brand’s unique Tone Of Voice.
  • Foster authentic testimonials
    Engage real people and social influencers to share stories, product insights, and inspire positive brand sentiment. Adopt advocacy through video testimonials, content feeds on social and websites, that continue to drive reliable recommendation. Boost exposure of these real testimonials through amplification sets.
  • Drive purchase
    Deliver guaranteed purchase from key demographic to support retail partners to strengthen existing SKUs and New Product Development.

Our approach

Each brand received a unique blend of influencer campaigns, content partnerships, consumer mass sampling & Social Media management, to ultimately deliver a strong and exciting return on investment for the company. Recruiting a skilled group of over 7000 real customers, passionate content creators, and brand advocates our goal was to evolve and embellish a strong influencer strategy with compelling social presence & brand stories.




Pieces of UGC


Unique reach




Engagement rate


The Partnership has resulted in more than 8,000 pieces of UGC so far across the Church & Dwight brands. With compelling engagement rates (3.4%) across an impressive reach of 7.3 million, this bespoke strategy reflects the effectiveness of leveraging authentic connections across our influencers, peer to peer community and Church and Dwight brands. They drove conversations, discussions, increased awareness of Church & Dwight’s offering, created foot traffic through retail, and drove an extended network of followers and peers to trial Church & Dwight’s products.