ALDI Partnership


ALDI Partnership


For ALDI, the challenge was to share their Good Different story, in an already saturated retail market. Developing a tiered influencer strategy with over 100 unique campaigns, our goal was to drive meaningful connections between real shoppers and the brand.  In doing so, our goal was to create a strong, testimonial led social movement, and develop high quality sharable content to kickstart the ALDI digital footprint on key social channels.

Our approach

Our methodology was smart, simple and was all about consistent conversation within 3 tiers of social influencers. We partnered micro influencers and peer-to-peer influencers with product that mirrored their passions: and it was these real, passionate experiences that anchored their review and content as an authentic ALDI advocate. This was strengthened by in-store events and trials to capture new shopping behaviours and brand education. In addition, we also co-created long format content with a few selective passionate influencers across blogs, on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to further cultivate content and extend their ALDI experience into established and trusted communities.




Pieces of UGC


Unique reach




Engagement rate


Increased Sentiment


Ultimately our partnership with ALDI has delivered a multi faceted, strong and vibrant social footprint. Creating consistent positive conversations and connections online was an achieved goal. We did this by consistently excited fans and followers through creative campaigns, events and community activations, that facilitated brand education.

The ROI for this activity has been 4 x higher than the benchmark for this category in delivering reach, delivered 30% more engagements across activity in comparison to similar campaigns, and generated a superb selection of quality, sharable user-generated content.