Why Social Soup?

The Social Soup standard of influence

The Social Soup standard of Influence has been developed from our expertise pioneering influencer over the last 11 years. We have progressed word of mouth and ‘influence as an outcome’ into a proof led marketing discipline that has become a disrupter to the traditional media landscape.

Not all influence is created equal and we have proven that it is a combination of science, the tech and ROI based approach to influence and meaningful connections underpin the Social Soup Standard of influence.

Authenticity is key

Without authenticity there can be no true influence. From our proprietary influencer vetting tool to personalised management of our influencer community, our business is anchored in ensuring that the focus is on real people to create meaningful connections; between brands and influencers, between influencers and their audiences, between friends and family. It is authenticity that creates advocacy as it is trust led and this is what creates action for brands.

Quality of our influence community

Australia’s largest and most diverse influencer community, qualified by demographics, social behaviour and passion areas. Our community can be used in widespread product trial, putting products into the hands of the right target audience with engagement further increased as individuals are driven to share the products they’re testing with their peers and like-minded social circles.

Scaled model of influence

Our model of scaled influence covers all strata of influence from the most trusted peer-to-peer layer through to high social reach influencers with passionate and engaged audiences. Through understanding the objectives of our clients we design programs.

We develop long-term brand partnerships

Always on influencer programs. We can develop longer lasting relationships with social influencers and your brand to create brand ambassadors with the right influential reach and audience. Influence works best with long term.

Integrated influence

Influence is most effective when considered as part of the bigger strategic picture. At Social Soup, we believe in running integrated Social and Influence programs that are integrated and allow all outputs to deliver to the greater brand narrative and digital ecosystem.

Unrivalled technology solutions

Make the most of the cutting edge technology we use across your entire campaign, from: flexible dashboards to provide live insights, our research capabilities to give you huge insights into your customers’ mindset, image AI to analyse images at scale and the ability to build flexible widgets to showcase the user generated content on your website.

Tiers of Influence

There is no denying that the ability to influence is the key to creating behavioural and attitudinal change in the consumer. However, in today’s climate, the consumers attention is increasingly divided. For this reason, it is necessary to understand the different levels of influence in the world of marketing. From celebrities to micro-influencers to family and friends, everyone has a place on the influence scale.

At Social Soup, we offer several tiers of influence. Depending on your company’s marketing objectives, we can optimize campaigns to incorporate the various tiers of influence and ensure a highly effective marketing strategy:

These accounts are typically focused around a network of friends and family. Whilst networkers have lower social following than other tiers, they tend to have high levels of influence within their community, and help generate positive conversation both online as well as offline through word of mouth.

Micro influencers are known for their niche audiences and their high levels of perceived authenticity and credibility, typically generating high engagement on their content. They are best used in social marketing strategies that require targeting a specific audience and topic. They offer that optimal balance of providing social reach whilst still maintaining authenticity amongst their followers, and help to drive brand advocacy, positive online conversation and consumer sentiment.

Macro influencers offer a slightly broader audience than their micro influencer peers. Influencers in this tier are on their way to becoming mega influencers. They are building their following, and have the ability to reach large audiences with a wide relevance of topics. Since their audiences are still contained, they do not yet carry the tag of being a “mega influencer”, and as such are a cost effective way to increase brand awareness.

Mega influencers are known for their high social reach and their broad audiences. Compared with other tiers, perceived authenticity tends to be lower and as a result, they have a lower engagement rate on content. However, because they have the ability to reach mass audiences, mega influencers can be included in social marketing strategies to lift brand awareness.