What we offer

Social Influencers

We focus on authentic Social Influencers who have genuine engagement and have been vetted through our influencer gateway using sophisticated data analysis and AI tools. This ensure the influencers chosen for your campaign have direct influence for your target, location and category.

Developing long lasting relationships with Social Influencers allows your brand to own the conversation in this channel and develop authentic connections.


By putting product in the hands of the right people on a large-scale, we create a fast but effective touch-point of brand engagement and social proof.

We design authentic, brand-led trial experiences with a large group of influential individuals who have an interest in your products to ensure there is no wastage. These campaigns are focused on product experience, live feedback, reviews and a drive to purchase.

Ratings & Reviews

Empower your audience to share their impressions and opinions on your product to help others on the path to purchase. Ratings and reviews are an integral part of the purchasing process and we can help you speak to your consumers at this point in time.

You can harness our community to generate reviews for not only your own site but third party sites, this can help increase traffic and boost your SEO.

Integrated Influence and Social Programs

We can manage and grow your social accounts and harness the power of our user generated content to engage with your audience. Influence-led social media management. This create significantly greater value for your campaigns etc.

Influence Management Platform

Lets us run your influencers programs for you – we white label our services and technology to deliver a influence management service and platform customised to your brand and influence journey.

Content Partnerships and Social Strategy

We recruit high quality authentic content creators to partner with your brand to create content for your social and digital channels.

Paid Social Strategy and Amplification

We have achieved market leading social campaigns that reside across prevalent social media platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. We integrate your brand into the conversation that is already happening amongst the influential leaders of social media.

We take people through a journey from awareness to advocacy, and using the power of our authentic user generated along the way to create an impact to millions through trusted social networks.

Customer Journeys

The quality of customer experience has always been a vital component to creating strong customer-brand relationships. However, the way in which customers interact with brands in an increasingly online capacity has led to more touch points, thus creating highly complex customers journeys.

At Social Soup, we can optimise and improve your customer journey to help build strong, long-term customer relationships. We can identify new customers for your products, and take them on the full brand journey: from their first interaction with the brand, all the way to purchase. Whether you are seeking to increase your e-Commerce revenue or drive consumers to purchase in store, Social Soup can help design and improve their journey.

Influencer Events

Events help to drive engagement and connection between your brand and the influencers, ultimately strengthening the performance of campaigns.

Research and Insights

Through our influential community we can design and collect real-time research with our unique technology platform.

We can help you gain competitor insights. give you changes in purchase intent and how likely people are to recommend your brand or product (NPS).