ALDI Partnership


ALDI Partnership

Our strategy was to peak Australian main grocery buyers’ interest, turning that into action. The insight for us was that authentic influence would be instrumental in shifting perception and taking consumers on “the ALDI epiphany”.

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Our multi-layered strategy had three tiers of influence, with bursts designed to target relevant category segments centric to Special Buys or Core range awareness. The strategic solution saw carefully vetted Influencers sent a bespoke pack to experience and create content ahead of ‘on sale’ dates to generate hype and drive traffic in-store. Authenticity and creative relevance were imperative, so rather than being prescriptive, we empowered influencers to experience products and craft their own messages.

The tactical highlight of the program was the “Shopping Challenge”. 50 influencers were asked to create three pieces of content. The first; an #ALDIShopping Instagram story, featuring genuine shopping experiences & hauls that debunked myths around quality, variety and costs. The second; a post dedicated to their favourite #ALDIFind, showing off their picks of product and produce speaking to their high quality or features. The third post #ALDICreation; Designed to encourage original recipes or meal time moments. This showcased the range available, positioning ALDI as a one-stop-shop not just a top up or Special Buys destination.

2365 assets, 1267 reviews generated. Follower growth from 15k to 44.5k in less than 9 months. Reached 76% of the target audience universe via 10.3 million impressions across campaigns. The effectiveness of this program, with absolutely NO paid amplification on any content, has set a new standard for ALDI who have signed onto a further 12-month program.