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We believe in the power of partnerships with influencers and your consumers rather than a ‘pay for post’. True influence is achieved when you create a un

An always-on influence program answers the challenge that consumers no longer follow a linear customer journey. We experience influence with brands in ‘micro-moments’; a post from an influencer when we’re scrolling through Instagram - a review when we’re looking for confirmation - a recommendation from a friend. Partnership programs are truly integrated into a brands marketing strategy and brand plans ensuring that we create outputs that influence when customers are looking while still delivering to an overarching brand strategy and content narrative.

Partnership Framework


Who are we trying to influence?

What are the segments that we are trying to reach?


What are they influenced by?


Ratings & Reviews



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Word of Mouth


Social Media


Social Influencers


What do we need to create?

In order to achieve this and ensure it is delivering to an overarching content narrative and brand strategy.


Who is the right person to create it?



How will it be distributed/shared?


Types of Partnership

Integrated Social Media Partnerships

Integrating social and influence is key to speaking to your target audience across multiple touch-points and with the same brand voice. Developing content calendars that deliver to an overarching brand narrative and can tie in to smaller brand activations as well as your broader marketing strategy. Tying in influencer content into your social media strategy will  increase engagement and build brand affinity.

Integrated Social Influence Partnerships

Partnering with social influencers over a year long period really helps to build brand advocacy and deliver key brand messaging to the influencer’s followers. Developing an always-on experience, output and engagement program is key to integrated social influence partnerships. From building awareness and creating content through influencer strategies to penetration and driving behavioural change through mass trial.

Integrated Social Influence partnerships
Integrated Social Media partnerships


Through our influential community we can design and collect real-time research with our unique technology platform. We can help you gain competitor insights. give you changes in purchase intent and how likely people are to recommend your brand or product (NPS).

Content partners

Social Soup have created a team of high quality content creators that we work with to contribute market leading content for brands. This content is based on a creative brief and is moderated. It is designed to be utilised on brands own channels or in...

Paid Amplification

We have achieved market leading social campaigns that reside across prevalent social media platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. We integrate your brand into the conversation that is already happening amongst the influential leaders of social media. We take people through a journey from awareness...

Always-on Sampling

By putting product in the hands of the right people on a large-scale, we create a fast but effective touch-point of brand engagement and social proof. We design authentic, brand-led trial experiences with a large group of influential individuals who have an interest in your...

Social Influencers

We focus on authentic Social Influencers who have genuine engagement and have been vetted through our influencer gateway using sophisticated data analysis and AI tools. This ensure the influencers chosen for your campaign have direct influence for your target, location and category. Developing long lasting...

Social Media Management

An end-to-end Social media management plan in which Social Soup develop Social Strategy, create content calendars, in-house content creation and includes not only moderation, but community development through meaningful connections with our audience. Linked to influence programs and a paid strategy is its truly integrated...

Ratings & Reviews

Empower your audience to share their impressions and opinions on your product to help others on the path to purchase. Ratings and reviews are an integral part of the purchasing process and we can help you speak to your consumers at this point in time....

Partnership Proof

ALDI Partnership

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