About us

The Primordial Soup Theory suggest that over 3.5 billion years ago, life began in a warm pond of amino acids which would later evolve into the first species on Earth. The primordial soup was the beginning of life, something new from nothing, that would spread and flourish into life as we know it now. Like that soup, Social Soup began by starting new things…

Our story dates back to 2016, when we were tasked by a Coca-Cola, to help them launch a completely new product to the Australian market, Coke Zero. Understanding that the world was connected, we invited 1,000 socially connected, everyday people to be the first to try this new product and encouraged them to share it with their network of friends and family members. By continually seeding the new product to influential people with a genuine interest in the product, we created authentic advocates and achieved a hugely successful launch, with international recognition.

We pair brands with influential consumers to build powerful advocates.

Social Soup’s impact can be seen whether it’s a proven sales impact at launch of a new product or brand building, behaviour change and even attitude change for existing products.

We create meaningful connections between brands and people. We ignite passion about all things new.

We harness the power of social influence, the most impactful marketing tool, to launch new initiatives. We create real brand experiences and amplify them through social and digital.

We guarantee impact, rapid advocacy and we make it easy.