Creating desire sentiment and leveraging content beyond the campaign

Activation for white goods is traditional at best and plain at worst. LG wanted to ignite the influencer community to attract new consumers and form stronger brand awareness.


So what was Social Soup tasked with? Create strong advocacy for the LG brand across a suite of five home white goods. Turn an otherwise unnoticed category launch into a highly anticipated product reveal. Create content, conversation and cut through for new features of their innovative product range and serve LG beyond just the campaign activity.


We carefully matched a curated selection of influencers to LG by their aesthetic, interests, and audience. Engaging over 185 micro influencers, 12 bloggers and 3 YouTubers over 18 months, we placed LG and a suite of their white goods centre stage, from the heart of influential homes. The influencers were tasked with engaging their audience with storytelling content, influencers posted content and Instagram stories, sharing the technology, features and reviews that we knew would tip such a high consideration purchase. Knitting our timing together with ATL activity, this content was then syndicated to 3rd party sites, such as Harvey Norman, to colour consumer research and serve LG beyond just the campaign activity.

“It was a great campaign, I have never received such a big and valuable product to review. Because the brief was very open I could be myself in the posts which related a lot more to my audience. Especially since they know how much I exercise it was relatable to them as well and including the dog was a great hit.”


LG Home @charlih

This activity certainly smashed any standards of traditional or plain activity. By matching the right influencer to the right LG products and harnessing the power of their testimonial to their communities, we ignited the right conversation & sentiment all the while delivering a suite of beautiful content. 86.6% of comments expressed positive sentiment for the content. A whopping 34.4% of comments expressed desire for the LG product in question. With such great results, LG was able to leverage 436 pieces of Instagram, Youtube and blog format content further. Blog posts populated more organic search’s helping their SEM strategy. At POS, youtube assets formed part of the shopping experience, with footage being streamed in-store for customers. And of course, beyond social channels and newsfeeds – this content helped colour online consumer research on sites such as Harvey Norman.


Total reach


Desire sentiment


Pieces of UGC

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