Developing brand advocates with an influencer event series

An event series that brings to life the story behind the development of new products and reveals their superior performance through interactive demonstrations


Social Soup have an ongoing partnership with Dyson across a series of events to support new product launches including the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, V8 Absolute and Cyclone V10 cordless vacuums. This immersive brand experience is then shared across social media via authentic, quality content created by social influencers from within the Social Soup community, creating influence among their networks, positive sentiment and advocacy for the Dyson brand whilst cementing technology and innovation as its cornerstone.


We build meaningful connections between brands and influencers, and through targeted recruitment of the right influencers to the exclusive Dyson events, have fostered relationships and genuine Dyson brand advocates. The events series provided unique access to Dyson experts, equipping influencers with product knowledge and brand stories to create more engaging content.

Our approach successfully generated positive conversation online between influencers and their followers creating buzz around the latest Dyson products, driving awareness, trial and conversion via unique offer codes to ultimately achieve a sales uplift.

Dyson Supersonic delivered an ROI of 300% through the use of unique offer codes for influencers to share with their networks to purchase the hair dryer. The total reach across the four events was 4.2 million people.


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