Creating Australia’s largest always-on influencer program

The rigorous matching of ALDI to influencers brand experience was shared across social media via authentic, quality content created by social influencers with positive sentiment and authenticity at its core.


With 10% of the shopping segment, ALDI is the biggest challenger of traditional retailers Coles & Woolworths. They have big ambitions to totally disrupt the shopping landscape however they needed to overcome misconceptions around cheap equalling poor quality.

Our research uncovered a key insight: once a customer has experienced the products and the retail environment for themselves they had an ‘ALDI epiphany’ and in turn would become advocates. We also observed that unlike other retailers, brand love for the “Good Different” ALDI message was already strong, and we observed a trending hashtag (#ALDIHaul) that consumers employed unprompted to express their love for ALDI’s quality and value.

So we gave ourselves an ambitious goal, to build and drive Australia’s largest ‘always on’ influencer program that not only had a contagious effect of unlocking the ‘ALDI epiphany’ but carried the ALDI key messages with authority.


We knew authenticity would be key to driving behavioural change, so rather than being prescriptive we empowered influencers to experience the products for themselves and craft their own messages. Our multi-layered strategy was designed to build brand love behind ALDI’s “Good Different” message using the following ingredients:

  • Influence with authority: Matching over 300 creators across three tiers and strategically aligning their passion points to key messages
  • Building content across Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Youtube
  • Harnessing existing social trends (eg. #ALDIHaul): igniting community conversations that fuelled positive online sentiment and product reviews
  • Real time amplification of influencer authored content, reaching new audiences through dark posts

The always-on program delivered over 90 campaigns across 14 core shopping categories (eg. Beauty, Fresh, Dairy, Mum & Baby, Alcohol etc).

Carefully matched teams of 20-30 authentic influencers were sent a bespoke ALDI pack and tasked to create content ahead of Special Buy ‘on sale’ dates. Their content hyped the levels of excitement before each sale and drove traffic in-store.

“This experience has converted me to an ALDI customer, and I’ve been sharing my view with all my friends! I didn’t know ALDI had so many fantastic, organic, healthy, quality products … at incredible prices!!”

Troy @mrtroykhan

ALDI influencer marketing case study

To track overall success, we aggregated metrics into a custom live dashboard tracking key business metrics.

  • Over 12 months we produced 2,365 assets and 1,267 reviews.
  • External research of influencer followers revealed a staggering 72% unprompted recall of the ALDI partnership and 88% prompted recall. This showcases the benefit of partnering with influencers over a long period and multiple exposures to followers.
  • The program reached 76% of ALDI’s target audience via 10.3 million organic impressions with a unique reach of over 4 million on Instagram
  • Content achieved averages of 96% positive sentiment and 32% of all comments across influencer posts expressed a sentiment of “desire” directly for the ALDI brand.
  • Average engagement rates were 3.2% vs industry standards of 2.52% 1
  • The #ALDIHaul hashtag has seen a 200% increase in usage as the general public have begun to emulate the behaviour of our influencers.
  • @ALDIAustralia Instagram followers tripled in size from 15k to 44.5k in 9 months after the program launched through influencers tagging the brand’s page in all posts.

The effectiveness of this program has set a new standard for ALDI – who of course have now signed onto a further 12-month program with Social Soup!


Unique reach




Unprompted brand recall

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