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Waterpik 2019 Partnership

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This campaign is all about Waterpik’s Water Flosser and transforming your smile and overall mouth health for the better! Flossing is important to your daily oral health routine to maintain healthy gums, protect teeth and prevent gum disease. That’s why Waterpik created the Water Flosser – an easy and more effective way to floss. Developed by an engineer and a dentist, Waterpik brings together advanced water propulsion technology with expert oral care to give you healthier gums and brighter teeth in just a minute each day. For this campaign, you'll be receiving two of your very own Waterpik Water Flossers - please be sure to feature both models in your content (not together) – but you’re welcome to gift one to a friend after your content creation -yay! After posting some amazing pics, please let us know what you thought with a review.
:Waterpik 2019 Partnership
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10 Apr 2019 15:48
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