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War Flower by Mary-Anne O'Connor

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  • Can love prevail, when horror becomes too much to bear?
    The 1960s are beating a fresh pulse of political and cultural upheaval through Sydney. For sheltered convent schoolgirl Poppy Flannery such changes seem irrelevant. But it doesn’t stop her from longing to join in, especially if it means spending time with the popular boy she secretly loves, Ben Williamson. So when the opportunity for a dream escape to Surfers Paradise arrives, Poppy and her twin sister Rosemary seize it and find themselves in the midst of the swinging sixties at last.
:War Flower by Mary-Anne O'Connor
War Flower stole my heart. O'connor's beautiful writing captured the heart of war-torn love in a long-gone, but never forgotten era. I'm not a romance reader, but this book had me hooked!
30 Dec 2017 15:57
Member since 09/12/2016
I love it it was very easy to read
29 Dec 2017 16:51
Member since 14/03/2017
I really enjoyed being transported between Sydney, Queensland and Vietnam in Mary-Anne O'Connor's historical fiction novel 'War Flower.' I really connected with the protagonist Poppy Flannery and her strength to keep fighting on the Homefront while her soulmate was on the battlefield in the Vietnam War. It had some beautiful moments between the characters as well as some heartache too. I've travelled to Cambodia and this story made me feel as though I was in Vietnam. I will definitely be reading more of O'Connor's stories in the future! Thank you to Harlequin Aus Books for sending me copy to review as part of the HQ book club.
28 Dec 2017 17:48
Member since 06/07/2017
I thought War Flower was a solid novel and I quite enjoyed it! The writing was easy to follow and I really liked the progression of the plot! I thought the characters developed well throughout the book and I found myself furiously flipping through chapters to see what would happen next!
11 Jan 2018 09:10
Member since 08/12/2016
A wonderful light holiday read. Sydney, Australia in the 60’s, two sheltered twin sisters set out for some adventure and meet boys that will forever change their lives. A book of love, war, and the struggle of all of those whom it touched. It changed a generation for the better and the worse. Follow the lives of the sisters, the boys and their friends through their adventures in life, love and a war torn Vietnam. The story is a little predicable at times but has some very honest moments and truths. There were also plenty of musical references that shaped a generation.
10 Jan 2018 12:19
Member since 28/02/2015
A great book that ended up being more than I anticipated. What started as a light and fun romance continued to build to a social commentary of Australia in the 60’s touching on important issues from drug use to the Vietnam war and politics of the time to PTSD and other ramifications of active service. I fell in love with the characters and enjoyed following the ups and downs of live in a different generation to my own. I would recommend this one and continue to read more work from the author.
06 Jan 2018 11:36
Member since 12/07/2017