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The good teacher by R.M. Anderson

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  • A sensible small town. An accident and a secret. They say a good teacher is hard to find ...
    Stony Creek is a quiet farming community where good manners, good will and fairness must be upheld at all costs. No one embodies these values more than married P&C president, Jennifer Booth. Though her only child is long graduated from Stony Creek Primary School (one teacher plus casuals), Jennifer prides herself on leading by example. But when she has passionate, unexpected sex with the new principal, Brock Kelly, just before a P&C meeting, on his office desk, no one is more surprised than she. And when an accident at the school looks like sabotage, then they’ve really got trouble on their hands.
:The good teacher by R.M. Anderson
Really not what I had expected! Loved the way the characters were portrayed.
27 Sep 2017 12:58
Member since 10/09/2016
This book has me hooked from the very first chapter! Every drama that unfolded between the families wasn't what I expected and I loved the way the characters were built on throughout the book. Usually I don't enjoy the chopping and changing between characters however I felt the timings fit perfectly Into the story line
25 Sep 2017 13:44
Member since 28/11/2016
I didn’t personally like this book, I thought I would but I just thought it was very hard to read :)
06 Oct 2017 15:15
Member since 14/03/2017
ohhh not what you probably expect by the title.... not so much about the teaching but about the moral dilemma facing a new teacher in a rural community who falls for a prominent member of the P&C ..... it's an easy read which has you captivated aftet just the first few chapters !!
05 Sep 2017 00:12
Member since 16/05/2013
On the front cover of the The Good Teacher the tag line is ‘A wickedly amusing tale of lust, lies and revenge.’ This was 100% accurate description for the whole book. It kept my attention from beginning to end, I didn’t want to put it down and when I did I couldn’t get the characters or their actions out of my head. Having grown up in a small country town I could really relate to the Stony Creek community. Although, some of the characters I found hard to relate to, Jennifer especially. The story is told through multiple points of view, which showed the characters motivations. My favourite characters were Grandpa Mack and Madison, they were interesting perspectives to read from. I really loved the close bond they shared. The character development for Madison, Sarah and Brock was amazing to read. The writing made me feel like I was actually living alongside all the characters in Stony Creek. I never thought I would find a book with some really deceitful characters addictive, but I honestly couldn’t put it down. I just had to know what was going to happen in the end. Overall, The Good Teacher was a fun, addictive read. I would recommend it to anyone who loves drama, small towns, and romance.
01 Sep 2017 18:03
Member since 05/07/2017
I wasn't sure what to really expect with this title going in but absolutely enjoyed the story. The Good Teacher is set in Australian country town Stony Creek where we meet straight laced - and married - president of the school parents association and the new principal who seem to be having an affair. The story unpacks their relationship and draws the reader in. I was hooked from the very first few chapters. A gorgeous story set in Australia which really appeals to me.
01 Oct 2017 21:21
Member since 29/12/2016