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The Greatest Gift by Rachael Johns

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  • Radio host Harper Drummond lives for her career. Every day she meets fascinating people doing extraordinary things, but has begun to wonder whether there could be something more for her out there. She’s financially secure, happily married to Samuel and has a great group of friends — what more could she want? It’s only when she interviews one special couple that she starts to think about whether she could make a different kind of contribution.
:The Greatest Gift by Rachael Johns
A moving story about the heartwarming gift of a child. It touches all aspects of egg donation, with sides I’d never even considered. Beautifully written!
29 Dec 2017 15:33
Member since 06/04/2016
I absolutely adored this book and can't wait to share it with my book club early next month. It has everything and more I look for in a book, couldn't recommend highly enough.
28 Jan 2018 19:07
Member since 29/12/2016
The Greatest Gift is an incredibly touching, heartbreaking and remarkably well fleshed out novel by Australian author Rachael Johns, which after I began reading I simply could not put down. It follows the story of a focused career woman named Harper who, while choosing to not have children of her own with her partner Samuel, makes the selfless decision to change another couples’ lives and donate them her eggs. This couple are Claire and Jasper, who despite their desire to do so are unable to have children due to Claire’s childhood battle with Leukaemia. I felt so invested in their beautiful story and that they were also from our home in the Hunter Valley. Their longing to have a family of their own and all of the ups and downs of the book made for a bumpy, roller-coaster ride of emotions and I’m pretty sure I helped boost some tissue companies’ stocks over the duration of this read! The book had so many great characters who were incredibly relatable - I was along for the ride from the first paragraph and felt sad to turn the last page seemingly so soon. Such a wonderful heartfelt and well written novel, again I can’t compliment Rachael Johns enough on what an achievement and touching story The Greatest Gift is.
28 Jan 2018 19:06
Member since 06/04/2017
It’s a tender story of two women who come at motherhood from different perspectives. What does it mean to be a mother and is it for everyone? This book attempts to answer these and other related questions.
28 Jan 2018 17:42
Member since 22/06/2016
I really enjoyed the book. Well written and although slightly predictable was a really good read. I loved the characters and I loved how the book ended and the epilogue.
28 Dec 2017 20:33
Member since 04/07/2010
Fast-paced and modern with an interesting twist on a love story. I enjoyed the theme of this book and how the characters came together. The book was very much chick-lit however which is not a genre I am big on at all.
26 Jan 2018 11:48
Member since 17/01/2008
Absolutely wonderful and thought provoking. Being a new Mum reading this, it almost felt even more emotional in some parts and just made me reevaluate appreciate my own journey with motherhood even more. A really great read !
23 Jan 2018 12:25
Member since 19/08/2016
I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this book because it was a lovely story line. It was however very predictable and a little lack lustre. Maybe that’s the point? It’s just meant to be a nice story. It was a beautiful story that was well told and the character development I enjoyed.
23 Jan 2018 11:21
Member since 28/11/2016
The story is about meeting your perfect partner, fertility, marriage, choosing career over family, adapting to life as a non-traditional family, the selfless act of egg donation and death. It is an emotional book, with a need for tissues.
19 Jan 2018 23:19
Member since 19/09/2016
I enjoyed reading the book overall. I found it was an easy and enjoyable read, perfect for the summer holidays while lying on the beach. I found the author went into a little too much detail about the IVF technicalities and found she could have developed the characters a little bit more. I found the characters weren’t fully developed and I was waiting to become a bit more emotionally enveloped with one or two but it didn’t really happen. I thought the epilogue was not needed. I enjoyed the storyline but thought it a little cliched.
18 Jan 2018 21:22
Member since 17/11/2016
I loved getting into this book , I can tell how captivated I am by how quickly I finish a book and this one was done in 3 days which with 3 kids is fast ????
16 Jan 2018 18:42
Member since 22/02/2017
Such an interesting book, I don’t want to give too much away but I just didn’t want to put it down. There’s a few little twists that brought tears to my eyes. The author definitely knows how to make her readers feel for the characters.
15 Jan 2018 23:14
Member since 08/03/2016
I really wanted to like this one. I requested it because the plot (a woman donating her eggs to an infertile couple and navigating the relationship afterwards) sounded intriguing. I knew from others that this would be a bit cheesy, and I was totally ready for it.?Unfortunately, this was a roller coaster of emotions for all the wrong reasons. The first chapters were so lovey-dovey I wanted to set the book aside entirely. Then things got better and I actually started enjoying the story and connecting with the characters. Then things got weird and all emotional ties I'd had were severed quite abruptly and I could never reestablish them.??Based on other reviews it's clear that a lot of people love this book despite the sometimes over-the-top cheesiness, and I honestly thought I'd be in the same camp. Unfortunately, I was left feeling dissatisfied so it seems The Greatest Gift just isn't for me.
Sarah Tav
14 Jan 2018 12:17
Member since 06/07/2017
A story of love and loss, hope and heartbreak, where deep yearning somehow manages to meet boundless joy. I must admit I wasn't expecting the traumatic twist in the middle, but also found the second half of the book slightly predictable. I absolutely enjoyed the book, but did feel that the ending was all a bit too neat and tidy, leaving me with a bit of an unrealistic feeling. An easy holiday read, covering an interesting range of topics.
12 Jan 2018 13:01
Member since 10/09/2016
I'll be honest, there was a point in this book where I wanted to write angry letters to Rachael Johns because I was so upset at how the story went. I was all but ready to give up on the book completely - but luckily I stuck with it (as I don't know how to give up on even the worst books!) and the story did redeem itself - but it was still completely different to what I expected. From the blurb I knew it'd be a teary book - but I didn't know that the reason I'd shed tears was completely different than what I expected. I feel like I have a bit of a book hangover from this book and I really don't know how to feel. Rachael is an incredible author and incredible storyteller - but I don't love how the story played out.
09 Dec 2017 21:09
Member since 09/09/2016
Heart wrenching in so many ways - Harper gives the ultimate gift to a worthy couple unable to conceive their own child. A roller coaster of emotions but all united by the unborn baby.
05 Jan 2018 22:06
Member since 29/10/2016