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  • 5,000 Soupers were amongst the first to try new Cetiphil Suntivity 50+ sun cream. Here’s what they thought.
loved the product, lovely feel.when.applying.it, not thick or sticky, has a pleasant smell.and great on.my sensitive skin.
13 Dec 2014 11:17
Member since 04/06/2010
I thought this product was very good. It did protect me from the sun on a hot day. It soaked into my skin and was not oily or overpowering with smell. It also did not upset my sensitive skin or leave me itchy in anyway.
21 Dec 2014 16:44
Member since 19/12/2007
It didn't seem to have good coverage, I felt like I had to put lots on to make sure I had enough on. It smelt a bit chemically- not like a sensitive skin sunscreen should smell. I also felt I still got a bit burnt from wearing it. But tried again another day and think it was fine, so may have just been a particularly hot day! It really stung my eyes from putting it on my face! Once it got into my eyes, I found it hard to wipe it out, very sting-y! Wasn't as impressed with it also was hoping to be. Would definitely try other sensitive skin sunscreen products before returning to this one again.
11 Jan 2015 12:48
Member since 02/09/2014
I really like the fact that it spreads easily which is great for daily use. I'm super pale so the higher the SPF factor the better so this really fits the bill. On the negative side it's still on the greasy side and more greasy and thicker than my existing face and neck sun cream. I get at lot of spots on my neck and some on my face, but being pale I have to wear suncream so greasy is not good.
Emily Fitton
17 Dec 2014 18:59
Member since 05/10/2014
My skin is very sensitive to sunscreen and some products cause me to break out in a rash. When I finished rubbing the Cetaphil Sunscreen on it was non-greasy and didn't even feel like i had sunscreen on. Loved how quickly the lotion absorbed into my skin. The 50+ was excellent and I was out for hours in the garden on 32degree day and didn't get burnt. I would definitely be recommending my family and friends to use this sunscreen!!!
29 Dec 2014 11:01
Member since 29/08/2011
I have very sensitive skin and was hesitant to use this product. First application felt good and had no redness, very impressed! I use a spf 30 face day cream daily which I love, but I can safely say this cream is on a par with my regular cream. Great to know I can now have some variety.
17 Dec 2014 20:11
Member since 11/01/2013
Too small sample , Too greasy,
17 Dec 2014 19:11
Member since 13/10/2009
I thought the Cetaphil Suntivity sunscreen was very nice to put on. It was not greasy like some sunscreens and it absorbed well. I did not get burnt while wearing it.
17 Dec 2014 13:34
Member since 18/08/2012
I loved it because it was not greasy and soaked straight into my skin. I didn't even know I had it on and could wear under make up
17 Dec 2014 13:28
Member since 01/10/2014
I love cetaphil products and happy with the release of suntivity. I was after a 50+ sun protection and love that it is light on my skin and in comparison to other sunscreens I have used it is odourless, it has a light smell.
12 Dec 2014 19:15
Member since 01/07/2013
was ok i had a reaction to it tho
11 Jan 2015 17:40
Member since 08/07/2013
I gave one of the samples to my son in law, an avid fisherman. He liked the Cetaphil Suntivity. Said it wasn't sticky or oily. The fragrance was good, not to strong and was easy to apply. He just wanted a bigger sample.
04 Jan 2015 18:26
Member since 19/08/2009
Did NOT love this at all! I work in a pharmacy and have been eyeing the range for a while now and was super disappointed with this. I can't stand sun protection that is slow to sink in whilst being thick and greasy. I popped this on my face one day and my makeup slid off within an hour. Not impressed!
01 Jan 2015 22:34
Member since 11/05/2012
First off, my skin is very dehydrated with a few frequent dry flaky patches. I am prone to eczema on my face, neck and recently legs. Lastly, my skin is extremely sensitive. This sensitivity is irritated by many things, sunscreen often being one of them. I’ve found baby sunscreen is the best bet for me, however as babies aren’t wearing makeup it doesn’t act as a very good “face base” for a 20 year old woman. I’ve used Cetaphil skincare before, so I was very excited to get the opportunity to trial this new Suntivity sunscreen. As along with sensitive skin, it is designed for oily skin. While obviously not being a skin concern of mine it is great for wearing under makeup on a daily basis. While trialing this sunscreen I didn’t find my foundation sliding off or moving in any way. +1 Now at the beginning of this trial I was using the sunscreen on only the right side of my body. I’ve done this with a few products in the past so I can see for certain if any irritation I experience is from the actual product or other factors (eg. food, weather, clothing). I am very happy to say there was no difference in the right side of my body to the left side! This sunscreen prevented drivers arm redness, no burns around my thong lines and, well, no burns anywhere. Not even a slight redness (thanks SPF 50+). I’ve only ever tried one other sunscreen that was such a high SPF. It also protected me from the sun but was very greasy and heavy. Cetaphil Suntivity is extremely light and easy to wear on a daily basis. Not even a weird smell! This is absolutely a product I would purchase for myself and recommend to friends and family also.
29 Dec 2014 11:36
Member since 27/03/2013
I have really sensative skin so i have to be careful what i use.
21 Jan 2016 12:43
Member since 09/02/2014
I loved that it wasn't thick and greasy. I used it on un-moisturised skin and my make up straight on top, the finish was nice and smooth and wasn't shiny. It lasted well. I suffer from sensitive skin, and didn't find any irritation or break outs from it. I will certainly buy this to use in my everyday skincare routine.
16 Dec 2014 21:42
Member since 18/10/2012
no thanks
15 Dec 2014 14:39
Member since 03/11/2012
It was very light, non greasy and easy to apply. I used it on my kids faces and it absorbed easily, they usually complain about having sunscreen applied to their faces but they didn't mind this one. There is no fragrance which I also liked.
15 Dec 2014 11:52
Member since 13/08/2012
I am in love! I have finally found my holy grail sunscreen! I wore it under makeup on a 35 degree day and my makeup didn't melt off! It doesn't feel or look greasy after applying, it doesn't even feel like sunscreen! I love that it's SPF 50+ From now on this is the only sunscreen I will wear and it's just in time for summer.
14 Dec 2014 16:32
Member since 04/07/2011
I liked the small size of the sample tube best! It was perfect for our holidays. While I liked the texture, it seemed to hurt my eyes when applied to the face.
12 Jan 2015 12:38
Member since 23/12/2008