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Stoli Premium vodka

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Stoli Premium Vodka is recognised as a high-quality, premium spirit, adhering to the Russian Alpha Spirit standard. Using traditional production techniques and state-of-the-art facilities and technology, the result is a vodka that is classically styled and exceptionally smooth with a gentle wheat flavour and aroma. Fun fact: "THE Vodka," is a title celebrated by Stoli as a brand that has pioneered the vodka category since its inception in 1938. Stolichnaya was the original premium imported vodka in the United States, the first vodka brand in space, and the first brand to launch flavoured vodkas in the 1960s! For this campaign, you’ll be receiving Stoli Premium vodka along with some other goodies, which we’d love to see you use to create two pieces of the stunning content we know you’re so good at! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.
:Stoli Premium vodka
Lovely and smooth, a great addition to the bar cart
Lei Lei,VIC
28 Jun 2018 16:07
Member since 26/03/2016
Very smooth and high quality vodka. Easy to drink.
27 Jun 2018 22:39
Member since 22/06/2016
Love the salted caramel flavour! Never tried anything like it before and I found it perfect for winter. A cheeky little splash in the coffee during winter. Found the vodka smooth and great to drink alone or mixed with soft drinks and juices.
25 Jun 2018 19:30
Member since 07/03/2007
The Stoli come in super simple bottles but there’s nothing simple about it. The smoothest vodka you’ll taste. I also love the flavoured vodkas as it makes for a refreshing change.
19 Jun 2018 13:34
Member since 10/09/2016
There is two post in one. Great product I loved it and my post item arrived to late
Insincerely her
03 Jul 2018 16:30
Member since 07/10/2016