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Roam beer is a fusion beer, mixing refreshing beer with delicious spirits and fruity flavours to be the ultimate chill out companion. The Roam beer range is perfect for even those who don’t love beer: due to its flavour combo, it has a totally unique taste. Roam beer comes in two deliciously refreshing flavours for the perfect chilled bev, both with no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and 96.5% sugar free! Beer with a dash of Vodka and watermelon A beer with a dash of vodka and a twist of watermelon. An unexpected combination which turns a low-hop beer into a sweet, refreshing brew. Beer with a dash of Tequila and lime A beer with a dash of tequila and a twist of lime – combining fresh Australian beer and Mexican tequila. For this project, you'll be testing out Roam beer, posting some amazing pics and letting us know what you thought with a review.