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This campaign is all about checking in, asking “are you ok?” and promoting mental health awareness around Australia – thank you for helping us and R U OK? shed light on such an important issue! We know that while being an influencer can look glamourous from the outside, sometimes it can be a tough gig and feel quite lonely. That’s why we’d like to encourage you to reach out to another influencer friend you might have and check in with each other over a cuppa. If you don’t know another influencer, that’s okay! You can reach out to a friend or family member that you’d like to check in with, have a cuppa and convo and make a meaningful connection with another person. Whoever you choose to catch up with, we’d love for you to post some photos of your catch up and encourage your followers to do the same to similarly reach out to someone they may have noticed is struggling and to catch up with them and have a meaningful conversation about whether they are doing okay.
:R U OK?