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Nespresso Vertuo

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Everyone’s got their favourite cup that they use for their coffee at home. Nespresso Vertuo was developed especially for coffee lovers who like to enjoy a mug of coffee, by being able to produce the full range of coffee sizes. You can also enjoy richer and creamier coffee with less milk, thanks to the Reverso way – unique to the Vertuo machine. You add just a dash of milk before your coffee is extracted by the new Centrifusion™ method, then stir your freshly-made coffee with the milk for a creamy and luxurious result – like nothing you have experienced before! The Nespresso Vertuo is also packed full of new features like:
  • Fast heat up time of 20-25 seconds for almost immediate coffee enjoyment (much faster than a kettle)
  • Auto shut-off mode after 9 minutes for safety and peace of mind
  • Light indicator to show machine steps
  • For this project, you will be trying out the Nespresso VertuoPlus machine, enjoying rich, freshly-made coffee, sharing with us your Vertuo ‘Reverso’ experience, by posting your photos and letting us know what you think in your reviews!
    :Nespresso Vertuo
    I liked the ease of using the machine - so much easier just putting your milk in the cup first and meant a lot less cleaning of the machine but for me, the coffee didn’t taste as creamy as I would have liked
    09 Jan 2018 08:37
    Member since 14/05/2012
    Sleek and stylish, it fits in with all decor. So easy to use and clean.
    15 Jan 2018 22:50
    Member since 23/08/2016
    So efficient and easy to use. I loved that it heated up so quickly and was so quiet and clean.
    15 Jan 2018 21:25
    Member since 01/01/2006
    Love, love, love it! Have always been skeptical when it comes to home coffee machines but we are well and truly converted. We both have our favourites and it has become a lovely morning ritual to effortlessly brew a yum cup if coffee every morning. Easy to use and a pleasure indeed..
    15 Jan 2018 20:10
    Member since 01/05/2014
    Sleek design. Easy to use and delicious coffee
    15 Jan 2018 18:42
    Member since 04/03/2016
    Love that the pods measure the right amount of coffee per cup! Love the flavours. I love Reverso! The creamy foam!
    15 Jan 2018 18:38
    Member since 17/03/2007
    Easy to use, capsules have great flavours, makes the perfect coffee for any occasion
    15 Jan 2018 17:08
    Member since 09/04/2014
    Nespresso Vertuo
    I have loved having the Nespresso in my house, after loading the Pod it's one touch and my coffee is ready. I love the sleek design. Also having a lot of choice with coffee flavour in great, aluminium pods solve my biggest issue with using these type of machines. All in all it's a fantastic machine!!
    15 Jan 2018 14:01
    Member since 17/10/2012
    Love the sleek and innovative design of the machine and how easy it is to use . I really enjoyed trying it out . I wish that the coffee pods were a little intense that would be my only complaint. Overall the machine helped me to make an easy, quick, quality coffee
    15 Jan 2018 09:14
    Member since 16/02/2012
    It’s an innovative, stylish machine that makes delicious coffee in seconds. I love thaw new feature of larger cups as this was something that always was a downfall on the other machines.
    15 Jan 2018 08:54
    Member since 23/05/2016
    Nespresso vertuo was bigger than I thought it would be, and took up more precious bench space than my older model Nespresso. However, the taste and aroma of the coffee more than made up for this. The coffee was smooth, creamy and thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend it to lovers of a long or short black coffee.
    14 Jan 2018 23:39
    Member since 21/06/2011
    So simple, quick, hot and delicious coffee!
    14 Jan 2018 17:12
    Member since 24/04/2012
    Great machine, very easy to use and very quite
    13 Jan 2018 18:16
    Member since 13/02/2014
    The Nespresso Vertuo is a very sleek and modern coffee machine. It takes very little bench space compared to other bulky coffee machines. It was very easy to set up too. This coffee machine is clearly designed for ease of use. Two buttons control everything. It is essentially foolproof! The Nespresso Vertuo consistently makes barista quality coffee every time. The machine doesn't take long to heat up at all and is fairly quiet when compared to other coffee machines I have used previously. It also has an automatic shut off mode after 9 minutes for those busy mornings. It makes a full mug size coffee! One pod = one coffee. There are so many coffee styles on offer too, no barista skills required. Whether you are after an espresso, gran lungo, mug or alto this machine caters to them all. The pods are hermetically sealed so they stay fresh longer. Nespresso also have a recycling scheme for the pods, but I'm sure most usually end up in landfill so that is one thing to take into consideration. The other is the cost. Whilst the machine itself is affordable, the price of the pods do add up so depending on how much coffee you consume you will need to work out if it is cheaper in the long run for your household.
    13 Jan 2018 15:53
    Member since 06/09/2010
    This machine looks great! It is sleek and shiny and would fit well in most modern kitchens. While I was sad that there is no milk warming/frothing capabilities, I am a fan of the automatic opening and closing pod section. And the coffee is good!
    13 Jan 2018 11:53
    Member since 27/08/2012
    The Nespresso Vertuo is a slick, very easy to use and clean coffee machine. In fact it kept clean in the time I used it and that is impressive. The coffee is quick to make and looks impressive and I can imagine would be a great machine for lots of coffee drinkers. However as I like weak coffee, overall the machine does cater to my coffee preferences. Also I don’t like the idea of being tied to buying the pods as they are relatively expensive and Nespresso can change the prices at will. Whilst I love coffee, I am not an average coffee drinker. After using this impressive machine, I can see that its speed, ease of use, cleanliness and impressive looking coffee would probably appeal to people who like convenience, coffee and don’t mind the idea of being tied to a company for the pods. Also I was impressed by the ease with which I could recycle the pods in a Nespresso store. However I wonder how many people will make the extra effort to recycle the pods.
    13 Jan 2018 09:54
    Member since 22/03/2016
    I absolutely loved everything about the Nespresso Vertuo. It's a fantastic machine and there is so much variety and flavors in the pods. I absolutely would have purchased the special on pods and the machine had it not been so soon after Christmas and new year as I am still recovering $ from it! haha! The only down side I can think of is the pods are not available in supermarkets but it looks super easy to order from the website and have them delivered right to your door.
    12 Jan 2018 16:39
    Member since 02/12/2016
    Love it!
    12 Jan 2018 15:21
    Member since 14/11/2015
    Absolutely loved the coffee. It's our morning routine to make one.
    12 Jan 2018 13:10
    Member since 17/08/2015
    It’s so easy to make a good cuppa at home!
    12 Jan 2018 01:23
    Member since 14/05/2014