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Nair 2018 Partnership - October

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This campaign is all about Nair’s new Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream with Coconut Oil and helping you out of any hairy situations you might have. Nair Sensitive formula Hair Removal Shower Cream is a new formula that’s perfect for sensitive skin since it’s enriched with super moisturising 100% natural coconut oil plus vitamin E to gently nourish the skin while removing unwanted hair from your legs and body. For this campaign, you'll be testing out Nair Sensitive formula Hair Removal Shower Cream, posting some amazing pics and letting us know what you thought with a review. Nair’s new Sensitive Hair Removal Shower Cream with Coconut Oil is dermatologist tested, dye and paraben free and has breakthrough odour neutralising technology that releases a gorgeous scent. Nair Coconut Hair Removal Cream can be used as part of your normal shower routine and works while you shower for fast and effective hair removal with no time wasted!
:Nair 2018 Partnership - October
Quite effective hair removal. My skin was left feeling so smooth and hydrated after multiple uses.
29 Oct 2018 18:27
Member since 06/04/2017
Nair 2018 Partnership - October
I absolutely love this! Nairs, in general, has been a brand I’ve used for several years now. The shower hair removal cream is one I’m very obsessed with. It makes removing hair a much easier task than shaving. It doesn’t hurt your skin, or take much time. I’m always impressed with how long it leaves my legs feeling smooth and hair free as well!
28 Oct 2018 21:18
Member since 04/06/2017
I find it works well, I love that it has a little lid to close the cream back up
28 Oct 2018 19:26
Member since 16/10/2016
The pump style bottle makes it easy and convenient to use in the shower, moreso than a tube or jar style product. The smell is very inoffensive and overall, the cream does a great job of removing hair.
28 Oct 2018 14:48
Member since 29/09/2016
I really liked that it came in a pump bottle with a little lid on it to prevent it from drying lot, and that it was definitely very moisturising as well. It didn’t take off as much hair as I would have liked though.
25 Oct 2018 00:26
Member since 09/11/2015
Loved how easy it was to use and that it didn't have that chemical smell to it, left my skin super smooth!
06 Nov 2018 21:27
Member since 26/01/2016
Nair 2018 Partnership - October
If you’re wanting to do your full body, it can be hard in the shower not to rinse it off before it’s supposed to come off. Other than the that it’s fab!
05 Nov 2018 10:51
Member since 08/02/2017
Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me, so I’ll stick to shaving, High hopes but disappointed!
04 Nov 2018 21:29
Member since 08/03/2016