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Grain Waves Plus

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Sunbites Grain Waves Plus Vegetables are a delicious range of wholegrain snacks that you can feel good about. They’re tasty wholegrain chips that have 30% less fat than crinkle cut potato chips – now that’s something to rave on about! They’re the perfect ‘no fuss’ snack for the entertainment season and made with all the goodness of Australian wholegrain corn, wheat, and oats . We’ve also added real beetroot and sweet potato to the chips, and they’re seasoned with three delicious flavours: Cream Cheese & Herb, Honey & Rosemary, or Sweet Chilli Jam. With no artificial colours or flavours and as a source of wholegrain, you can definitely feel good about these snacks! For this project you’ll be sent a $8 egiftcard via the app so that on your next grocery shop trip you can pick up one of the three delicious new flavours in the Grain Waves Plus range - Sweet Potato with Cream Cheese & Herb, Honey & Rosemary, or Beetroot with Sweet Chilli Jam.
:Grain Waves Plus