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Day of the Dead

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This campaign is all about celebrating Day of the Dead with authentic Mexican Tequila – Jose Cuervo! The Jose Cuervo range is the epitome of tradition, quality and smoothness. Their tequila is made from the finest agave Mexico can provide. Nothing goes better with a Day of the Dead celebration than Jose Cuervo, so it’s time to bust out the perfect margarita! For this campaign, you'll be celebrating Day of the Dead with some delicious Jose Cuervo cocktails, posting some amazing pics and letting us know what you though with a review.
:Day of the Dead
It was a fun idea but it would have been really helpful if the product could have been delivered earlier to allow more time for content creation, It would also be great if some glassware or other props were included in the package, or if a budget was provided to get some e.g. fresh flowers.
05 Nov 2018 15:15
Member since 05/07/2017
I enjoyed creating a day of the dead inspired cocktail. I got the chance to be creative with my content set up which I enjoyed. It would have been nice to have Jose Cuervo merch e.g. shot glasses or cocktail shaker to make more fun to style. But overall can not fault Jose Cuervo tequila range.
05 Nov 2018 14:12
Member since 24/08/2016
Day of the Dead
Love the strong flavor and aroma when opening the bottle. Could be a good idea to have themed bottles for different occasions in the year to make the bottles collectibles and more interesting to buy.
04 Nov 2018 19:34
Member since 17/12/2013
I think the bottles are better shaped than last bottle but still some work should be done on the label. Also some fun content to be sent with the pack would be awesome!
01 Nov 2018 22:37
Member since 05/10/2014