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CERELAC Infant Cereals

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Your little one will be trialling CERELAC Infant Cereals as they begin their journey from milk to solid food! The first step in any journey is always the hardest, and the first step towards solids is no exception. Whether your little one is generally easy to feed or not, they’ll still be exploring a whole new world when it comes to solids. Don’t worry, CERELAC Infant Cereals have been a house hold staple for 150 years, helping mums and babies make the transition from milk to solids – one of the hardest changes in a baby’s young life! As babies grow, it’s imperative to provide them with food that will give them fuel to develop and explore, and CERELAC Infant Cereals are an ideal first food with age-appropriate nutrition. The reason CERELAC Infant Cereals have been trusted all these years is because they are rich in iron, contributing to at least 50% of your baby’s RDI intake which is important for your growing little one. They also contain important vitamins and probiotic Bifidus BL. So, get your hungry bub and let’s get trialling!
:CERELAC Infant Cereals