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aquamamma is a delicious beverage specifically developed by an Australian obstetrician to help meet the hydration and electrolyte needs of women who are pregnant, giving birth or breastfeeding. Many women don’t realise that their recommended daily fluid intake increases when pregnant or breastfeeding, and while drinking water is great, 75% of women find it difficult to meet their hydration needs on water alone, especially when feeling nauseous. That’s where aquamamma can help! Formulated with added folic acid, low sugar and low sodium, aquamamma is healthy hydration that also happens to taste great – making it a pregnancy and breastfeeding essential to help you keep on top of your recommended daily fluid intake. For this project, you’ll be trialling the three wonderful flavours of aquamamma, posting a beautiful photo with the product and sharing a special discount code with your followers so that they’ll want to try aquamamma, too!
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