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ALDI Petcare

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Taking care of your pet and keeping them looking fabulous can often be a challenge. ALDI’s Petcare Special Buys offers quality petcare products at great value, so pampering your furry friend will be easier and much more affordable! With a collection of winter jackets, snuggly beds and cleaning products – ALDI has you and your pawfect pal covered. We’d love to see what you think about these products, and have sent you a pack tailored just to your pet. For more details on the pack items (including price), please refer to the letter we sent you with your pack! If you’d like to communicate this to your followers – please reference this. For this campaign, you'll be testing out a number of ALDI Petcare Special Buys products, posting some amazing pics and letting us know what you thought with a review. We cant wait to see what you come up with!
:ALDI Petcare
ALDI Petcare
I really liked the products, they were good quality and value. And the cat tree was very easy to assemble. Unfortunately neither product fit Cindy - she is a tall girl with a big butt, so from that perspective they weren’t very functional!
30 May 2018 11:46
Member since 17/05/2017
ALDI Petcare
Hamish absolutely loves the snuggly little bed. He curls up in it and won't get out for hours. The shampoo and conditioner were really nice and left his coat feeling lovely and the bedding spray smells great.
29 May 2018 21:21
Member since 08/02/2017
ALDI Petcare
Great products. It usually takes Dovi a while to get used to the new things but he seemed to love the scratcher but not the bed as much unfortunately. I really like the bed and wished he would sit in it but he won't go near it.
29 May 2018 17:15
Member since 22/03/2015
ALDI Petcare
Mochi is obsessed with the bed
29 May 2018 08:01
Member since 10/09/2016
ALDI Petcare
The jacket is good quality and my dog really enjoyed it on her! The bedding spray smells really nice, I also sprayed it on my couches since she likes to nap on there. The shampoo and conditioner left her coat feeling silky and smooth
28 May 2018 13:03
Member since 10/01/2017
My dog loves the jacket ! Only coat he's ever kept on. The shampoo and conditioner smell great and has given him such a shiny coat
25 May 2018 20:14
Member since 03/07/2017