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ALDI Pampered Pooch

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Welcome to the ALDI Pampered Pooch campaign! This mission as an ALDI Ambassador is to spread the word about the Pet Special Buys on sale Wednesday, 11th April. As you may already know, ALDI is all about living richer lives for less. In true ALDI spirit we want you to help Aussies know they don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive grooming kits and accessories for their pets, because ALDI’s range of Pet Special Buys offer great value for money. As an ALDI Pampered Pooch Ambassador, you’ll be getting a pack filled with the ultimate pampering goodies that will make your pooch feel like the prince or princess that they truly are! ;) From throw blankets to grooming tools and everything in between, your doggo is going to LOVE you for this one! (You can thank us later.)
:ALDI Pampered Pooch
ALDI Pampered Pooch
Good value for money, and a great one stop shop
29 Mar 2018 20:01
Member since 25/05/2017
Loved it! His mat was soft and comfy and he actually stayed on it! The bowl was a good design. I wasn’t able to put the lead on him as he gets too excited as he thinks he’s going for a walk and won’t sit or stay still for photos. The shampoo brush was ok but we are huge fans of the brush mit!
11 Apr 2018 10:29
Member since 18/08/2017
The products were great. My dog is obsessed with the mat and blanket now. Loved the variety in the send out to get different shots.
10 Apr 2018 12:00
Member since 10/09/2016
I loved these products so much, especially the beautiful pet mat and blanket - gorgeous pastel blue colour and our dog Charlie took to it straight away, he loved it!
08 Apr 2018 21:11
Member since 02/07/2017
Every product feels quite good quality unlike some other pet brands. The dog couch is absolutely incredible and so sturdy. My dog Hamish won't get off it. Also the blanket and dog mat are lovely and I appreciate that all the products are modern, neutral colours. So far we love everything :)
04 Apr 2018 20:12
Member since 08/02/2017