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ALDI Mamia Pack one

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ALDI’s Mamia range offers premium baby essentials at affordable prices every day from nappies to first food. Offering great value for money, mothers can trust ALDI’s Mamia products for all their baby essentials without compromising on quality. The best part is that Mamia nappies are comfortable and suitable for babies with sensitive skin. Winning! Mamia Nappies have been designed to suit each stage of your baby's development from birth, through crawling, walking and finally toilet training. Following extensive testing involving consumer research groups and world class laboratories, ALDI has developed the premium unisex Supa Fit nappy range which uses the latest technologies and dermatologically approved materials to provide a better fit and greater comfort, in a thinner nappy for your baby. For this campaign, you'll be testing out various products from the Mamia range. We will send you 2 Packs over the course of the year, so that you can try and test for yourself! We will just ask if you can posting some amazing pics of your little one, and letting us know what you thought with a review and some product feedback.
:ALDI Mamia Pack one
I like the large range of products
24 Sep 2018 14:23
Member since 04/06/2016
The nappies are roomy and they have a bit of stretch to them, so they’re fairly easy to put on my toddler. Their composition isn’t as soft as some other brands but I’m not sure how this translates in terms of comfort (my two-year-old isn’t so forthcoming with info when I ask ??). They’re OK overnight.
22 Sep 2018 18:06
Member since 28/05/2016
ALDI Mamia Pack one
We adore the Mamia swim pants! No leaks and so so affordable. Everything in their range is super affordable and good quality.
Natalie Dalton
20 Sep 2018 17:12
Member since 26/07/2017
I have loved the new nappies and wipes are great and not too cold on the little ones bottom
20 Sep 2018 14:32
Member since 05/06/2018
ALDI Mamia Pack one
I was surprised at how good the nappies were even with a newborn!
19 Sep 2018 15:17
Member since 25/07/2017
I’ve been using the Aldi baby wipes for years, I absolutely love them! But I had never tried the nappies. I was a bit nervous at first as they seemed thin but was quite surprised that they were still quite absorbent. I have bought the swim nappies also and will put them to the test soon. Overall I’m very impressed
19 Sep 2018 13:19
Member since 01/03/2017
Surprisingly good! We really like these nappies and wipes.
18 Sep 2018 22:17
Member since 03/10/2017
I loved using the Aldi mamia baby essentials! The nappies are very absorbent and perfect for overnight! And the wipes are great quality. I especially love how thick they are.
Kristen riches
17 Sep 2018 08:56
Member since 19/09/2017
I love the Aldi Mamia range - we’ve been into the snacks and pouches for quite a while. I was very pleased with the quality of the nappies and wipes. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because I found the nappies to have a strange scent - I couldn’t put my finger on what the smell was, but the nappies I’ve used previously haven’t had a smell. As there’s no ingredients list I wasn’t sure what it was.
15 Sep 2018 12:16
Member since 15/09/2017
ALDI Mamia Pack one
Great packaging, wipes have a good thickness and not strong in scent would buy these again However nappy pants are very flimsy and far bigger than they stipulate. My son wears the same size in lots of other brands but has a lot of trouble with leakage etc in these
10 Sep 2018 22:38
Member since 13/09/2016
We use Aldi nappies for few years already and it never dissapoint! Pricing wise, unbeatable!
09 Sep 2018 16:39
Member since 23/05/2016
I love the brand
09 Oct 2018 17:27
Member since 17/03/2017
I had high hopes for these nappies as I’ve heard a lot of people rave about them but that’s not the case for us. We have only used 4 nappies out of the pack and my daughter now has terrible nappy rash (so bad that it’s bleeding) so we have had to change back to our normal brand. Not only have these nappies had a bad reaction with her skin but they leak out the top waistband too!
03 Sep 2018 08:32
Member since 09/09/2016