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ALDI Learning Infants

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Welcome to the ALDI Learning Infants Special Buys campaign! This mission as an ALDI Ambassador is to spread the word about the Learning Infants Special Buys, which are on sale from Wednesday 30th May at all ALDI stores, until sold out. As you may already know, ALDI is all about living richer lives for less. In true ALDI spirit we want you to help Aussies know that they can get their little ones ready to learn, with ALDI’s quality Learning Infants Special Buys. As an ALDI Learning Infants Ambassador, you’ll be getting a colourful pack to help you kick start your little ones learning! We have some fun flash cards, a clever wall chart, as well as a special toy set to keep those little minds active.
:ALDI Learning Infants
Absolutely loved them all. It's a fantastic range to suit many different age groups and keeps them entertained and engaged. The wooden train track is great quality, and fun for both boys and girls with its use of circus animals and bright colours. My 4 year old loved the tracing flash cards as letter recognition and application is a current developmental focus. The busy books were also a lot of fun to use & the weather charts are great for giving children an understanding of dates and weather systems/seasons. I'll be heading to Aldi to get more!
Stockwell Squad
29 May 2018 18:32
Member since 24/09/2017
Loved it! Some of the items are more suited to my year 1 child, but we love the times table poster for him, as it’s currently what he’s learning!
29 May 2018 16:16
Member since 01/06/2017
My kids have loved these toys and resources! Lots of educational fun!
29 May 2018 15:34
Member since 02/04/2015
All the products trialled did excel my daughters learning. The toys and placemat gave more learning opportunities for my daughter. She enjoyed playing with the train track, it acted like a puzzle at first but she got the hang of putting it together and loved moving the train around.
28 May 2018 21:25
Member since 22/03/2014
Perfect pack in my opinion. Even the flash cards can be used by my two year old (we say find the panda and she will pass the card). The train track has surprisingly been the favourite. I love that this connects to our existing track we own from you.
27 May 2018 13:15
Member since 18/10/2016