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Hi, we're Social Soup

So, do you like… stuff? Good, then you should fit in fine round here. The Social Soup influencer community is all about getting involved in brand new stuff; trying it, sharing it and giving feedback.  Our Soupers influence new products and campaigns by getting involved from the very start.

Here are some of the things we do

We give our influencers exclusive access to new products so they can try them out before anyone else and we encourage you to share that experience through social channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

We do research projects where influencers can help us create something completely new and awesome. See if Influencer marketing is right for you here.

We test prototypes and early-stage concepts, which means influencers get involved with brand spanking new ideas and innovations. Check out why FMCG brands are using Social media influencers here.

  • Real people who care about loads of different things

  • Get to try new stuff out in fun ways

  • Brands actually listening, so you make a real difference

If you cast your mind back to 2007, you may remember that people were starting to connect and share a lot more.

Now around this time, we were working as your average market researchers (okay, maybe a bit above average) and we had three big realisations.

Firstly, we realised that people have lots of great ideas about the products they use. Secondly, people share things they like. And thirdly, traditional marketing wasn’t really floating our boat.

We decided to dream up a way of using the power of people to shape and share brands – and Social Soup was born. Our name is a nod to the primordial soup from which all life may have originated. Also, we ate a tonne of tinned soup in the early days.

Whizz forward a few years and the Social Soup influencer community is 165,000 strong and still growing. Our Soupers are influencers of all shapes and sizes, participating in everything from brand launches to new product trials, which means they get to try out new stuff before anyone else.

Sounds pretty Souper, right?

Meet The Family

  • Zoe

    Campaign Manager

  • Victoria

    Experience Manager

  • Trudy

    Our HR Queen

  • Sheryl

    Our tech super star

  • Sharyn

    Soup Mama, Founder and CEO

  • Rebecca

    Community Coordinator

  • Rebecca

    Sales Manager & juggling expert

  • Rachel

    Conversations Manager and cat lover extraordinaire

  • Mustafa

    Influencer Community Manager

  • Mima

    Social Influence Director

  • Lee

    Insights & Analytics Manager

  • Katie

    Head of Partnerships

  • Jo Dear

    Our Insights and Analytics Manager & resident baker

  • Jolene

    Our Production Manager & artisan knitter

  • Howard

    Managing Director, and Legend!

  • Fred

    Our Tech Guru & mochi maker

  • Fiona

    Finance manager extraordinaire

  • Ester

    Our Conversations Director

  • Emma

    Senior Account Manager

  • Belinda

    Head of Commercial

  • Belle

    Senior Conversation Manager

  • Amy

    Social Media Manager

  • Alex

    Project Manager - Systems and Campaigns & tall person