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Now, we don’t want to brag, but when we talk, brands listen. We’re a community of people who try out new products and ideas of all shapes and sizes. We then work together to create, shape and share stuff that people really want. We’re a place where ideas are heard and trends are created. We like to talk about brands, products and new ideas. We discuss. Test. Try. And we get to share it with our friends #SocialSoup #awesome.

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Products we’ve worked with

Some exciting products getting the soup treatment

  • Brancott Estate Special Reserve Fumé Blanc

    550 wine lovers across New Zealand were asked to trial (with friends) the newly launched Brancott Estate Special Reserve Fumé Blanc.

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  • Continental

    1,330 Soupers hosted Continential Cooks dinner events and tried out the range at their everyday family meals.

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  • Australian Avocados

    600 Soupers across Australia experimented with avocados at breakfast in place of the regular brekkie option.

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  • Vanish Napisan Oxi Action

    700 Soup Mamas were asked to put Vanish Napisan Oxi Action to the test on their family’s washing, as well as share it amongst their friends.

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  • Veet EasyWax™

    300 female Soupers were amongst the first to trial the new home waxing solution Veet EasyWax™.

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  • Pepperjack Barossa Shiraz

    2,500 red wine lovers across Australia were asked to trial (with friends and family) the Pepperjack Barossa 2012 Shiraz.

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  • Nutella

    Soupers were challenged with trialling Nutella in ways, and asked to host breakfast get togethers with Pancakes and Nutella.

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  • L’Oréal Hair Expertise

    1,015 Soupers were recruited across Australia and invited to trial the L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise range. These Soupers consisted of 5 bloggers, 10 Instagrammers and 50 office workers.

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Delicious and devoured quickly! They are a winner in our house! - Amanda

#chattering - Julie

#Papa Giuseppi's - Gemma

Just received my Pizzas will certainly host a Pizza night this weekend - Mark

Hi everyone Papa guiseppis pizzas are the best tasting pizzas we have had the bread is amazing and fluffy I know what pizzas we will be buying in the future - Sharon

*thumbs up* Ready when you are!! (Hello weekend.) - Joyceli83

#letsgo #socialsoup #yes #dollaraday #new - chelle_ai

It came! Let's see if l will finally use the internet on my phone now #yes #socialsoup #optus - aya_beece

#YES spend quality time with the people you love and share experiences while you can! #goodtimes #makememories #cherish - j3ss_k

Love coming home to freebies #thebodyshop #bodybutter #lipstick #scrub #eyeshadow #perfume #fallingforyou #beauty - laaarni

All packed and ready to go! I can't wait to see the look on my lovely friends' faces ?? #fallingforyou - lazy_gator

SACLA pesto penne in its natural form with parmesan - Sofia

Now which product to use???#RadiantReturn - ollietj

Meetings are much more fun with nutella!!!! #newwayswithnutella - aleechay

Lipton Lads - Edwina

Overall, I love Nectra Colour! - Jin

#paypalpioneers Thanks for the coffee! Perfect on a winters day ?? - rachski74

Plate ‘em up ☺ - Calum

About to start the mission with some help from mates - Jason

I organised an afternoon tea on pancake day. My colleagues were amazed at the different combinations I came up with and delighted in trying each one. On offer was a Banoffee Creme, Black Forest and everyone's favourite...Mocha Creme with Caramelised Nut Crunch. I combined delicious Nutella with some coffee syrup and mixed in light creme cheese then sprinkled it with Caramelised nuts. Had a lot of fun coming up with the different combinations. - CakeDiva

Lipton Ice Tea's new summer drink! #lipton #icetea #shamelessselfie #refreshinglyrefreshing @therealkerstenlee - Gabby

#fivetastes #Mob Slurping It Up - Christine

Done, thanks FitnessFirst Market st. #socialsoup #fitnessfirstcrew - csaba_f

Haha, sorry guys, couldn't help but play around with this wall photo ;D #fitnessfirstcrew #fitnessfirst #thezone #boxing - jazzoctavian

Family photo saying goodbye to Debbie #dyson before she goes on her second trip away #CutTheCord #soupproject - nik0673

#PayPalPioneers - ilanalarke

#PayPalPioneers - jrn1878

Friday drinkies with our new favourite #fumeblancnz - crisannab

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