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Stuff we’ve Souped

Just a few of the great brands we’ve helped launch and improve

  • Nutella

    Soupers were challenged with trialling Nutella in ways, and asked to host breakfast get togethers with Pancakes and Nutella.

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  • L’Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal

    350 Soupers were asked to trial and share L’Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal.

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  • Bonds

    Our Soupers had the best back-to-school time ever, sharing their talented kids skills in Bonds socks.

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  • Dyson Cool Fan

    Soupers were given a brand new Dyson Cool Fan (desktop or tower sized) to try out in their home for four weeks.

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  • Lipton Ice Green Tea

    Lipton Ice Green Tea quenched 1,125 people’s thirst. Each person received a bottle of each of the three refreshing flavours along with cups and sheaths so they could conduct a blind tasting with their friends or work-mates.

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  • Fitness First

    Fitness First has changed (for the best) by making sure their clubs have the best trainers in the industry, fitness facilities and a range of classes that suit your needs.

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  • John Boston

    In 1796 John Boston brewed the first beer in Australia. In 2015 our Aussie Soupers put the new John Boston Pale Ale to the test and here’s what they thought.

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  • Dove Beauty Bar

    450 women replaced their regular soap with the Dove Beauty Bar, a ultra-mild, non-soap cleanser (with one quarter moisturising cream!) and observed the difference in their skin.

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  • Brother PT-H105

    Soupers were asked to organise chaos in their homes and offices with the Brother PT-H105 Labeller.

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  • Chambord

    Soupers across Sydney received a bottle of Chambord to set their taste-buds tingling.

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  • De Bortoli Prosecco

    Soupers put the fizz in the spring party season with two bottles of De Bortoli Prosecco.

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  • Artline Stix

    Tiny Soupers between the ages of 4-9 were asked to build, draw and play with the new Artline Stix.

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  • Saclà

    250 Soupers were transported to Italy when they got to trial Sacla’s range of pasta sauces and pestos.

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  • Royal Canin

    650 Soupers introduced Royal Canin Wet Cat Nutrition into their cat’s daily diet.

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  • Pepperjack Barossa Shiraz

    2,500 red wine lovers across Australia were asked to trial (with friends and family) the Pepperjack Barossa 2012 Shiraz.

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  • Brancott Estate Special Reserve Fumé Blanc

    550 wine lovers across New Zealand were asked to trial (with friends) the newly launched Brancott Estate Special Reserve Fumé Blanc.

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    600 Soupers were given the new range of NESCAFÉ AZERA to trial with their friends and work colleagues.

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  • Continental

    1,330 Soupers hosted Continential Cooks dinner events and tried out the range at their everyday family meals.

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  • Australian Avocados

    600 Soupers across Australia experimented with avocados at breakfast in place of the regular brekkie option.

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  • Vanish Napisan Oxi Action

    700 Soup Mamas were asked to put Vanish Napisan Oxi Action to the test on their family’s washing, as well as share it amongst their friends.

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  • Veet EasyWax™

    300 female Soupers were amongst the first to trial the new home waxing solution Veet EasyWax™.

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